Why do so many own bibles but do not read or study them?

Jul - 09 2009 | By

Could it be that part of the reason people have bibles but don’t read them is that they have concluded that it takes a “called”, “educated”, “ordained” pastor to properly explain what the Bible means? Have people come to believe that non-pastors are somehow inept to properly study, handle and understand the word of God?
Could it be that we have established a mind-set that the people must go “to church” to hear the bible preached by the real holy guys? Perpetual children who remain in school their entire lives, never graduating and never being expected to take personal responsibility for their own learning and understanding.
But what if people viewed themselves not as an audience of perpetual children but as ministers, missionaries and priests where the live, learn, work and play, and as the ambassadors of the Son of the living God? Then they may just take a real interest in becoming prepared to live out these roles and be ready to give and answer for the hope and joy they have. If necessity is the mother of invention, then is it true that without any necessity there will be no invention? What is the necessity for a Christian to study the Bible if there are no tests, no graduations, and no meaningful expectations – just guilt and nagging and “you ought too’s”. Will we see that necessity is here? Later, Dale

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