The New Reformation – Creating the Culture of Christ

Jul - 18 2009 | By

Being the Kingdom of God   I believe a great challenge of the church today is for the people to see themselves as the ministers, missionaries and priests where they live, work and play.  They are to see that every aspect of their lives can be an act of worship to God.  I call this the New Reformation. 

I find that people are looking to be engaged and involved in the real world of ministry.  They are less and less tolerant of worship being presented as a spectator activity on Sunday mornings.  These gatherings should be much broader in scope that just singing and hearing a sermon by one teacher.  These gatherings should not only include singing and teaching by those with these SHAPEs, but we must allow God to be praised and to speak to the people through the wonderful richness of the collective SHAPEs of the people that God has called to the church family. 

The lives of all God’s children hold blessings for Him and others.   They may be an artist, a writer, a struggling addict, a teen battling with self-image, a computer tech, a manager at Lowes, or a brick mason.  We need to know why God brought them to the church family?  When we allow them to join the dialogue and share their blessings and struggles, when we help tell their stories of how Jesus is speaking to them and through them in their world, I believe we well see far fewer consumers and far more people who see themselves and their lives of service and love as the kingdom of God. 

No more Christian hypocrites  The world easily tags Christians with the “hypocrite” label, and its not just because we tell them we are perfect or better than they are.  It is because they know about Jesus and that He taught us to demonstrate love to our neighbors, to feed the poor, to clothe the naked, to care for the sick and imprisoned, the widows and orphans, etc., and they see so many Christians not doing anything of the sort.  They see Christians as only trying to sell them Jesus or get them into the Jesus club, and dropping them like a hot potato when they don’t appear to be good prospects.    

Christians must be real and genuine with people, and not project a false image of being perfect and infallible.  Christians must exercise love to people because people are worthy of love, as unique creations of God, created in His image.  Christians are to love others as Jesus commanded and demonstrated, and not just view them as targets to conquer and win over.  When we love like Jesus loved, this is worship. 

 Creating culture   It is my hope that within my lifetime the church of His family will fully embrace the notion of worshiping by being the kingdom of God, where they are and as they go; outdoing one another with acts of love, compassion, grace and mercy.  By these acts of worship, we will help create the culture that Jesus told us to create, and people of the world will see the good works of Christians and be drawn to the feet of Jesus and His good news.  Later, Dale

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