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Worshipping God – Do You See The New View?

Jul - 18 2009

We worship God anytime we are fulfilling the purposes for which God has created us.

Question about the success of the church

Mar - 12 2009

What if we gauged the success of our church families not on the number of those in the Sunday morning gatherings, but by percentage of our church family who are engaging the world

A New Wave to Wash Over The Traditions Called Church

Mar - 11 2009

As I write this at Cherry Grove Beach, SC, 9/6/08, 1:30am, hurricane/tropical storm Hanna is in full force. Strong wind and sideways rain. Even though it is dark outside, I know the big waves are coming in and crashing on the beach and over the dunes. ┬áIt is very much like the waves of discontent […]