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Remember that sin is REALLY BAD!

Mar - 12 2009

Downplaying sin and the terrible consequences of sin is such an easy place to go.  It is also easy to go the other route of condemning sin, and condemning “those” who do it (or at least condemning the certain sins that “I”  don’t have). 

Only really screwed up people are addicted – NOT!

Mar - 11 2009

Churches have somehow evolved into creating a reality for their people that does not really exist.  They have created a reality that most of “us” are normal and have our lives together.  Then there are those “few” that have screwed-up lives, self-induced for the most part.

The Blessing of Addictions?

Mar - 08 2009

It seems from my observations that everyone has addictions – things which people would like to quit, but which they keep putting down and picking back up again.  Some addictions are obvious and some are more private.  But, it does seem that everyone has some sort of addicitons.