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Hiding the Light

Mar - 11 2013

Today. March 10, 2013, I am reading Mark 4 (fm The Bible).  In verse 10 Jesus told His disciples that the secret of the Kingdom of God has been given to them.  Later, in verse 21 He asks them: "Is a lamp brought in to be hidden under a basket, or under a bed, rather […]

The Consistent Truth: Jesus – Healing – The Church

Mar - 02 2013

The leading cause of atheism today – Christians that confess Jesus with their words but deny Him with their lives. Today, March 2, 2013, as I was reading the first three chapters of the book of Mark, from the Bible, it is clearly seen that Jesus was teaching and preaching and healing. One of the […]

Worshipping God – Do You See The New View?

Jul - 18 2009

We worship God anytime we are fulfilling the purposes for which God has created us.

Why do so many own bibles but do not read or study them?

Jul - 09 2009

Could it be that part of the reason people have bibles but don’t read them is that they have concluded that it takes a “called”, “educated”, “ordained” pastor to properly explain what the Bible means?

Bad Burritos and Lives that Make God Smile:

Jul - 07 2009

I believe that bad theology and misplaced priorities by church leaders have historically plagued the church and continue do so today.  It is much worse than heartburn from a bad burrito.

Imagine No Ceiling Or Walls

Apr - 02 2009

Signs of the Revolution

Mar - 23 2009

Is the church, in its structure and approach, static or organic?  [Static – unchanging vs organic – living, growing and adapting]  Is the Acts 2 model of the church the end or the beginning? 

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