Perpetuating Peace

Jun - 15 2012 | By

ROC (Renew Our Community) is moving forward with plans to help our community create temporary jobs, to help people have the dignity of work and earn the money they need for today, as well as a process of helping people secure and excel with permanent employment in good jobs, so they can not only care for their own needs, but can help others who need help. Recently, the people of York County got to hear about Cincinnati Works, the Nation's most successful model to help people in economic poverty prepare for, secure and maintain good jobs. Dave Phillips, its founder, was here to offer to work with York County to establish this job placement model for our people. Based upon the most positive response we have gotten from Dave's visit, ROC is moving forward to partner with Cincinnati Works.

Our next objective is to raise funds to launch this effort from a solid platform, demonstrating solid commitment to the effort of eliminating economic poverty among our people!  We want to have three years of funding identified when we take in our first class of job seekers. Yesterday, I learned of new government grant with the following purpose: "to support innovative approaches to the design and delivery of employment and training services that generate long-term improvements in the performance of the public workforce system, both in terms of positive results for job seekers and employers and cost-effectiveness". This tracks with where are and where we are going.

This morning, as I was discussing this grant with one of our staff members, it was brought up that Dave Phillps says that Cincinnati Works does not use government grant funds.  While Dave clearly explains his reasoning, he also indicates that some of the Cincinnati works partners are using government grants.  It has been my belief that ROC (established on the principles expressed by Jesus: to love others, to care for those in need, to treat people with dignity and respect, and to view every person as having value, worth and a purpose for living) should be able to work with governmental partners and not perpetuate the polarization of an organization operating on the principles expressed by Jesus from governmental or other entities – all run by humans created by God. 

I want to instead perpetuate peace.  It is my hope and desire that I personally, that ROC, and that all those who make up The Church, will live out these principles, sincerely and openly, so all can see and enjoy the benefits, foundation, and functionality of how Jesus lived and taught.  And when we fail, for we do so everyday, we will continue to see the principles that Jesus expressed lived out just as sincerely and openly: those principles of unconditional love, personal responsibility, compassion, mercy, forgiveness and peacemaking.  I join with Jesus in praying: God, Your kingdom come, Your will be done, here on earth, here in York County, SC, as it is in Heaven