Only really screwed up people are addicted – NOT!

Mar - 11 2009 | By

Churches have somehow evolved into creating a reality for their people that does not really exist.  They have created a reality that most of “us” are normal and have our lives together.  Then there are those “few” that have screwed-up lives, self-induced for the most part.  Occasionally we will acknowledge those few screwed-up lives and the fact that they need help and support.  Often it seems that our efforts are weak, shallow and much like buying a homeless man a motel room and a meal.  It does meet a need for a short time and it makes you feel good.  But it also gets the man out of your sight and, very often, out of your mind.  

The reality is that most of “us” have really screwed-up parts of our lives.  Instead of only a “few” who are in need of recovery from addictions, do you not think that there are “many of us” who could benefit from a steady diet of the principles of recovery.  We should make addictive behaviors and recovery principles frequent topics for Sunday morning gatherings of the church,and other gatherings of our communities.  We are not doing anybody any good by keeping addiction issues and principles of recovery out of mainstream Christianity and community.  What do you think?  Later, Dale    

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