Imagine No Ceiling Or Walls

Apr - 02 2009 | By

Imagine a culture of no ceiling or walls that would keep the people from using their talents and carry out the purposes which God has placed within them. Imagine a culture where people are encouraged and equipped to experiment and take the risk of living out their God given passions and abilities. They will not need an elected, appointed, or staff position within the structure of the local church. They would just be encouraged to discover and live out their purposes, and to give and receive encouragement, equipping, appropriate accountability, fellowship and mutual support with those in the local church, as well as the entire family of God where ever they may be located.

Imagine a church where experimenting to fulfill these God given purposes and passions was encouraged and celebrated, and were people were not viewed a “abandoning ship.” Imagine the increase in the workers for God and the work that would be accomplished in worship of Him. Imagine the blessings that would be poured out in the lives of the people and their communities when God’s children were set free and encouraged to love others with the same type love and commitment that Jesus has demonstrated for us.

God, may Your kingdom come and Your will be done here on earth and among the people You have created.

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