Hiding the Light

Mar - 11 2013 | By

Today. March 10, 2013, I am reading Mark 4 (fm The Bible).  In verse 10 Jesus told His disciples that the secret of the Kingdom of God has been given to them.  Later, in verse 21 He asks them: "Is a lamp brought in to be hidden under a basket, or under a bed, rather than placed on a stand?"

The secret of the Kingdom of God that Jesus came to make clear to us was brought to give light to those walking in darkness; and not be kept hidden within the walls of the physical structures that we today call "churches"; hidden by the very people the Jesus called to be His Church.  Jesus, the light of the world sent by God the Father, came to show love and life to the people walking in darkness (that includes me for sure, and probably you).  His followers are His light bearers, taking the same light of love, healing, compassion, mercy, forgiveness and service into the world – starting with their own families, their church families, those in their daily lives (especially the broke and the broken), and those to which God's Word and Spirit directs them.  

Then Jesus added this admonition to what He had said: "If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear… with the measure you use, it will be measured to you, and still more will be added to you."  

The light of Jesus shines brightest when we are "doing" what Jesus did and taught, and not just telling and teaching about it – whether under the basket or out.  When we follow the way of Jesus and live in the way He did and taught, the following results will grow and produce fruit: -God will be glorified and will receive pleasure (worship) from our obedience. -The light of the Kingdom of God (the way of Jesus) will light up the darkness in the lives of people, families and communities.  -We will grow more and more into the image of Jesus, with increasing mercy, purity of heart and lives as peacemakers.  -God will bless our lives in the measure that we have blessed others, and more.  Live Love. Dale

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