Getting Ready for ReNew

Dec - 28 2009 | By

It’s 7:04am and I am sitting at home in my favorite chair, looking out the window, as dawn is breaking through the trees. I have been up for a while now, awaken from sleep with thoughts and vision about what the new year will bring for this new venture we are calling ReNew Church.

I am filled with anticipation and excitement about the opportunities that God has put before us: To be His church; His people. To live out the purposes and passions He has put within each of us; creating the culture of Christ wherever we are and wherever we go. How? By loving God with all we are and all we have, and by loving others; not with mere words, but with actions that clearly and boldly express care and compassion, mercy and forgiveness, commitment and unswerving dedication.

Let there be no mistake about who we are and to whom we belong. We are the people of the creator God. We are called by His Son Jesus to follow after Him and the way He lived His life. We are blessed by God with His Holy Spirit, which lives within us, to guide our every thought, word, response, motive and action. We, the followers of Jesus , no matter who we are or where we may be found, are called to be His church: to serve others in love; to gladly share with them the good news of the life and hope we have through Jesus; and to help them find forgiveness, peace and their life’s purpose by following Jesus into the family of God.

IMG00005-20091228-0801Look, there’s the Sun, shining its morning light and warming my face. May we, like the Sun, shine the light of God in the dark places and warm the faces of those who long to feel His loving touch. Later, Dale

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