Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

Mar - 12 2009 | By

The really “screwed-up” people to the backroom   Our church family does not currently have a ministry for people struggling with addictions (recovery ministry), but it is my desire to see one started.  It appears to me that some of the hazards of a recovery ministry involve the way such ministry is viewed and represented among the church family and community, as well as the way it is treated by the church leadership.  Treating the ministry as separate from the church family, or representing it as a ministry primarily for those “really screwed-up people,” seems to me to be a huge problem.

“Screwed-up” leadership  Such problems ultimately boil down to errors in leadership.  When leaders come to truly understand and embrace the teaching of Jesus, and the “blessings” of being poor in spirit, of mourning, of being meek, of hungering and thirsting after righteousness, of being merciful, of being pure in heart, and of being peacemakers, then they understand that “recovery ministry” is their ministry, is our ministry, is the ministry of all people. 

 Let’s reverse the rooms  What if we reversed the rooms?  What if we gave the “screwed-up” “poor-in-spirit” people the main auditorium and the premo gathering time, and let those “normal” “got-it-all-together” people have the back room and the left-over time slot?    Now that sounds like a plan that will really meet needs, bless people and honor God!  😉  Later, Dale

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