Finding the cure for the human condition

Mar - 14 2009 | By

Inside all of us is the feeling or belief that we can be better, our lives can be better, the human race can be better.   Nevertheless, as hard as we try to get better individually and improve the human condition, we seem to keep slipping back into bad habits and destructive behaviors.  

Just look at the world today.  Intentional killing and bombings across the world destroying families, communities and peace.  If it continues, it will destroy the civilized society and revert our world to a barbarian existence.  Political parties, meant to protect us and provide for the common good, spewing hatred for each other and ripping apart “the enemy.”  Sexual Predators that make even children in our schools, parks, neighborhoods and homes targets of rape and murder.  A Police World where more and more of our lives must be monitored, videoed and recorded in order to protect us and try to deter and prosecute crime. 

These things, this hellish reality of life, is not from a natural disaster or a giant asteroid or a pandemic – it is from us – from people – people hurting, destroying and devouring the lives of other people.  But even with all the “hell” going on around us, we keep hoping that we can find the right approach, the magic key that will unlock the better life we long for. 

Did you know that the Bible tells all about this human condition?   It tells what’s inside of people and what they are capable of.  But, it also tells about God’s response to this condition.  God’s response is no where near what you expect.  You need to hear it.  You really need to hear it! 

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