Perpetuating Peace

Jun - 15 2012

ROC (Renew Our Community) is moving forward with plans to help our community create temporary jobs, to help people have the dignity of work and earn the money they need for today, as well as a process of helping people secure and excel with permanent employment in good jobs, so they can not only care for […]

Renew York County

Feb - 22 2012

Renew York County – As citizens of York County, we can bring needed change here by living differently and creating a culture that expresses care, compassion and unwavering commitment for those hurting and in need; that promotes personal and community responsibility to do what we can with what we have; that creates positive, productive, healthy […]

Seeing the Hand of God: Up Close and Personal

Oct - 01 2011

The hand of God is evident in our everyday lives. The question is: Do we see it? Recently, I was blessed to be a part of an adoption where you could not see anything except God's hand opening every door that was needed to accomplish the adoption for this family. May God bless your life […]

Merry Christmas ReNew Church

Dec - 23 2009

This past Sunday night ReNew church met at an awesome lodge on Sand Island in the Catawba River. It was a really nice candlelight night where we celebrated Immanuel – God coming to be with us through Jesus.  Our celebration included many creative expressions offering worship to God and blessings to our gathering, including

Just Do It!

Nov - 20 2009

For “humanitarian” purposes and to “save the planet” and to bring attention to their “cause” we see people do all sorts of aggressive and hurtful “things” to gain attention and engage in the “righteous fight” for “what is right!” But I am pretty sure that Jesus tells us to use the talents that He has […]

Response to Jade’s Question about Evolution

Oct - 17 2009

Jade’s Question: Hey:) I was curious what u think about evolution… my biology teacher is trying to make me understand it and now I’m confused because it makes sense, but I dont know if I should accept it… it doesn’t seem to go against the Bible. Good question Jade – here are some ideas -Evolution […]

A New Chapter in My Life is Beginning.

Oct - 10 2009

Years of Blessings and Love: For the past 35 years I have had the wonderful blessing of being a part of the RMC church family. Over these years, I have had the privilege of loving and being loved by an awesome group of friends and family, as we together have served God, each other and […]