The Passion of ReNew

Oct - 23 2009

Thanks for this opportunity to share w/ you what God has been doing in me. Believing and Expecting God’s Spirit to Lead Let me start by saying that for the past year + I have, for the most part, been living my life moment by moment, believing that God’s Holy Spirit is active in guiding […]

Leaders: Well Done or Wicked & Lazy?

Jul - 18 2009

Leaders must lead  God calls people to be leaders and to be apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers and pastors to equip the people for works of service.  These positions were never meant to enable people to become a passive audience who sit on the sidelines watching the super Christians play in the real game.  I believe […]

The New Reformation – Creating the Culture of Christ

Jul - 18 2009

Being the Kingdom of God   I believe a great challenge of the church today is for the people to see themselves as the ministers, missionaries and priests where they live, work and play.  They are to see that every aspect of their lives can be an act of worship to God.  I call this the […]

Worshipping God – Do You See The New View?

Jul - 18 2009

We worship God anytime we are fulfilling the purposes for which God has created us.

Bad Burritos and Lives that Make God Smile:

Jul - 07 2009

I believe that bad theology and misplaced priorities by church leaders have historically plagued the church and continue do so today.  It is much worse than heartburn from a bad burrito.

Imagine No Ceiling Or Walls

Apr - 02 2009

Question about the success of the church

Mar - 12 2009

What if we gauged the success of our church families not on the number of those in the Sunday morning gatherings, but by percentage of our church family who are engaging the world

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