Hiding the Light

Mar - 11 2013

Today. March 10, 2013, I am reading Mark 4 (fm The Bible).  In verse 10 Jesus told His disciples that the secret of the Kingdom of God has been given to them.  Later, in verse 21 He asks them: "Is a lamp brought in to be hidden under a basket, or under a bed, rather […]

The Consistent Truth: Jesus – Healing – The Church

Mar - 02 2013

The leading cause of atheism today – Christians that confess Jesus with their words but deny Him with their lives. Today, March 2, 2013, as I was reading the first three chapters of the book of Mark, from the Bible, it is clearly seen that Jesus was teaching and preaching and healing. One of the […]

Leaders: Well Done or Wicked & Lazy?

Jul - 18 2009

Leaders must lead  God calls people to be leaders and to be apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers and pastors to equip the people for works of service.  These positions were never meant to enable people to become a passive audience who sit on the sidelines watching the super Christians play in the real game.  I believe […]

Why do so many own bibles but do not read or study them?

Jul - 09 2009

Could it be that part of the reason people have bibles but don’t read them is that they have concluded that it takes a “called”, “educated”, “ordained” pastor to properly explain what the Bible means?

Imagine No Ceiling Or Walls

Apr - 02 2009

Signs of the Revolution

Mar - 23 2009

Is the church, in its structure and approach, static or organic?  [Static – unchanging vs organic – living, growing and adapting]  Is the Acts 2 model of the church the end or the beginning? 

Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

Mar - 12 2009

The really “screwed-up” people to the backroom   Our church family does not currently have a ministry for people struggling with addictions (recovery ministry), but it is my desire to see one started.  It appears to me that some of the hazards of a recovery ministry involve the way such ministry is viewed and represented among […]

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