Who Can Be Saved?

Feb - 14 2010

In Matthew 19:16-26, Jesus encounters the rich young ruler who asks Jesus what he must do to get eternal life. Apparently, the young man was a very good person. He explained to Jesus that he had made it a point to follow all the commands for living in the ten commandments. Jesus then told him: […]

HELP: Healing for hurts, habits and hang-ups. A new series coming to ReNew Church on February 21, 2010.

Feb - 08 2010

For some time now God has been working in my life and showing me just how much I need Him and His healing. I cringe most every day at the way I mess up and disappoint God, myself and others. I marvel at just how screwed up and vile my life can be. I can […]

Just Do It!

Nov - 20 2009

For “humanitarian” purposes and to “save the planet” and to bring attention to their “cause” we see people do all sorts of aggressive and hurtful “things” to gain attention and engage in the “righteous fight” for “what is right!” But I am pretty sure that Jesus tells us to use the talents that He has […]

Why do so many own bibles but do not read or study them?

Jul - 09 2009

Could it be that part of the reason people have bibles but don’t read them is that they have concluded that it takes a “called”, “educated”, “ordained” pastor to properly explain what the Bible means?

Finding the cure for the human condition

Mar - 14 2009

Inside all of us is the feeling or belief that we can be better, our lives can be better, the human race can be better.   Nevertheless, as hard as we try to get better individually and improve the human condition, we seem to keep slipping back into bad habits and destructive behaviors. 

Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

Mar - 12 2009

The really “screwed-up” people to the backroom   Our church family does not currently have a ministry for people struggling with addictions (recovery ministry), but it is my desire to see one started.  It appears to me that some of the hazards of a recovery ministry involve the way such ministry is viewed and represented among […]