Bad Burritos and Lives that Make God Smile:

Jul - 07 2009 | By

I believe that bad theology and misplaced priorities by church leaders have historically plagued the church and continue do so today.  It is much worse than heartburn from a bad burrito.Despite living in a time of enlightenment, privilege, and  significant blessings as we have today, there is still a great “institutionalized” divide between clergy and non-clergy, between the sacred and the so-called secular, between the “called” and the rest of us followers of Jesus.  In large part, the church has allowed the government to become the agent of care for the poor, for those in need and in distress.   The church has become a place where professional clergy are the primary “doers” of the work of the church.  But there is, in my opinion, a move of God’s Holy Spirit and a response by obedient Christians who are creating the culture of Jesus where they are and as they go.  They are living out the truth of the beatitudes, and in doing do so, they express mercy to others and are becoming the peacemakers that God desires.  I am so thankful for the churches and Christians who are living like Jesus and blessing others with their lives. These are the lives of the good and faithful servants.  These are the lives that make God smile.

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