A New Chapter in My Life is Beginning.

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Years of Blessings and Love: For the past 35 years I have had the wonderful blessing of being a part of the RMC church family. Over these years, I have had the privilege of loving and being loved by an awesome group of friends and family, as we together have served God, each other and our community. I love the RMC church family with all my heart. To the best of my ability I have encouraged every member of the RMC church family to use the talents that God has entrusted to them to be the ministers, missionaries peacemakers/priests, and ambassadors of Jesus, right where they are and as they go about their lives. I have encouraged them to let the light of Jesus shine through their lives and bring blessings to others where they live, work, study and play. I believe this lifestyle truly expresses worship of God.

Talents are a Trust, Calling on Us to Use Them: The Bible makes it clear that God entrusts us with talents to use to worship Him and to bless others. I know that I have a responsibility to God to use my talents of leadership, teaching, encouraging and equipping people to view themselves as the ministers, missionaries, peacemakers/priests and ambassadors for Jesus. I know too that God has given me a great passion for these things.

A New Chapter is Beginning: I know that God has now called me to move out from RMC into a new place of ministry, where I too can continue to use the talents that God has entrusted to me to encourage even more people to create the culture of Jesus where they are and as the go about life. I have sensed God moving my direction for several years now. However, because of my great love for the RMC church family and my attachment to them, and my desire to be an encouragement and support over the past three years that the church has been without a lead pastor, I have resisted moving out from RMC into a new work.

God Moves, Even if I Won’t: Even though I have resisted moving out from RCM into a new work, I believe that God has made this move abundantly clear. Over the past several years, it has become most evident that I read the Bible differently than the Associate Reformed Presbyterian (“APR”) denomination’s position regarding several important matters: Namely, issues regarding baptism and issues regarding the separation of the pastor from the rest of the church family. I do not read the Bible as providing any reasonable support for the ARP position advocating and favoring infant baptism, or refusing to baptize a person who comes to faith in Jesus if that person had previously received infant baptism; nor the position that only ordained pastors can administer the sacraments of the Lord’s Supper or baptism. Because of these differences, I am unable to serve in my primary areas of gifting with RMC. RMC has also called a new pastor and I am painfully aware that my continued presence there will very likely be a hindrance and distraction to him, to the RMC leadership, and to the church family as they continue to serve God and our community.

Seeking Advice and Direction from the Elders: Over the past two years I have presented these issues to the RMC Elders for their consideration, counsel and direction. I believe that God establishes and works through authority structures, and I have been looking for God to speak through the decisions and counsel of the Elders. At a meeting held last week, the Elders provided me with their response and decision. The decision of the Elders served to release me to move out from RMC into a new work where I can use the talents God has entrusted to me. I strongly believe that God has allowed all these matter to occur in order to move me to the new work to which He has prepared and called me. I believe that the God would have me serve in a setting where my talents can be used and where my view of the Bible is not so at odds with the position of the church.

More We All Must Do: There is so much more work remaining for us, as we help create the culture of Jesus in our community and world. With clear certainty, I believe with that God has moved me out of RMC and into our community to use the talents He has entrusted to me, to bless and encourage others and to be my worship and praise Him!

God, expand Your kingdom through me and through Your people as we share with others the good news of the Gospel of Jesus and His love.

Later, Dale

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