Like you, I am creation of God, placed here at this time to shine the light I have been given on Jesus, the Messiah (the annointed one from God), and to be a blessing to others I encounter.   I am a messed up and incomplete person who has been blessed by God with a Savior who loves me and who has rescued me from what my imperfect life deserves.   I want to honor God by living out the culture Jesus has called us to live – caring for those in need, the poor, the outcasts, the margailized, the addicted and imprisoned, and those who have lost their way – helping to meet their needs, helping them realize the beautiful creation of God that they are, helping them know and carry out the purposes for which they have been created, and helping them experience the love of God, the freedom of forgiveness that comes through Jesus, and the love of those who follow Him.   I call this “worship of God.”

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Dale’s Tiny House Conference Videos

I just stumbled upon a series of four videos shot by an attendee of the Tiny House Conference of the 2014 conference in Charlotte. I had no idea he had shot these videos, but it was super fun to watch an outside perspective. Dale toured four tiny houses and shows you the inside of them, […]

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Hiding the Light

Today. March 10, 2013, I am reading Mark 4 (fm The Bible).  In verse 10 Jesus told His disciples that the secret of the Kingdom of God has been given to them.  Later, in verse 21 He asks them: "Is a lamp brought in to be hidden under a basket, or under a bed, rather […]

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The Consistent Truth: Jesus – Healing – The Church

The leading cause of atheism today – Christians that confess Jesus with their words but deny Him with their lives. Today, March 2, 2013, as I was reading the first three chapters of the book of Mark, from the Bible, it is clearly seen that Jesus was teaching and preaching and healing. One of the […]

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Perpetuating Peace

ROC (Renew Our Community) is moving forward with plans to help our community create temporary jobs, to help people have the dignity of work and earn the money they need for today, as well as a process of helping people secure and excel with permanent employment in good jobs, so they can not only care for […]

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Renew York County

Renew York County – As citizens of York County, we can bring needed change here by living differently and creating a culture that expresses care, compassion and unwavering commitment for those hurting and in need; that promotes personal and community responsibility to do what we can with what we have; that creates positive, productive, healthy […]

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Seeing the Hand of God: Up Close and Personal

The hand of God is evident in our everyday lives. The question is: Do we see it? Recently, I was blessed to be a part of an adoption where you could not see anything except God's hand opening every door that was needed to accomplish the adoption for this family. May God bless your life […]

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Who Can Be Saved?

In Matthew 19:16-26, Jesus encounters the rich young ruler who asks Jesus what he must do to get eternal life. Apparently, the young man was a very good person. He explained to Jesus that he had made it a point to follow all the commands for living in the ten commandments. Jesus then told him: […]

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